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With over 30 years experience as an artist blacksmith and shaper of metal, Andrew Findlay has completed a plethora of residential and commercial decorative metalwork projects worldwide. The distinctive style and appearance of his work comes from many years of risk taking, experimentation and learning through doing.

He has completed high-end projects for The Grove and Runnymede-on-Thames hotels in the UK, The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, JCB in The South of France and for the Grace Building in New York, working alongside internationally renowned designers and architects, as well as commissions large and small from private clients.

Versatility is the essence of the craft of the blacksmith and Andrew has made items as diverse as copper bodices, jewellery, gates and railings, lighting, fire irons and door furniture.  At the other end of the scale very large decorative grilles have been produced, along with architectural work such as doors and screens weighing several tons.

Andrew has worked at Eastnor Forge in Herefordshire for the last 20 years, a historic building possibly dating from the 17th century. The Forge has changed very little over the years and several talented people have learned their craft there as Andrew’s assistants.

In April 2015, Andrew was invited to the prestigious Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee as Artist in Residence for their ‘Forging on the River’ event. There he made one of his signature bowls in forged bronze before a distinguished audience of established American metal artists. He has subsequently been asked to make another bowl to reside in the permanent collection at the museum.


Andrew maintains a flexible approach, tailored specifically to each individual scheme. He enjoys working on a diverse array of projects of all sizes and budgets including private homes, interior,  landscape and public art projects. He is happy to work to any scale or discipline, traditional, contemporary or a mixture of both.

He has continued to work with many existing clients over the years and has been successful in building strong relationships with new clients.